Fluves can offer the full monitoring cycle.

A cycle starts with correctly assessing the monitoring needs.

Based on that assessement, sensors or stations are custom engineered if necessary.

Next step is the proper installation and configuration of monitoring stations & telemetry.

The last step is the data-analytics to derive the requested information from the data.


Starting from off-the-shelf components, custom sensors for soil & water are made.

Fluves specialises in fiber optic sensors, but offers also monitoring solutions based on other measurement methods.



Fluves has experience with installation of most measurement devices for physical and chemical parameters in soil & water: turbidity sensors, ADCP’s, pressure gages, water quality, soil load, leakage detection, ….



The information retrieved from your data depends on the quality of data analysis. Fluves is specialised in advanced data-analytics, from regression techniques till artificial intelligence. We get more out of your data.